Value of Accreditation

The Value of Accreditation

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Become Accredited


Accreditation by DATIA offers your company many valuable benefits. Professional accreditation has played a critical role in the standard of living that we enjoy today. Accreditation by DATIA offers you:

1. Accreditation standards are the foundation upon which established professions have built their reputation and garnered the esteem of the American public.



2. Assures clients and potential clients that your company meets nationally accepted standards for the drug and alcohol testing industry.

3. Continuous quality improvement through the application of DATIA standards, which are updated as the industry and its policies and procedures change.



4. Participation in voluntary accreditation shows the general public that the drug and alcohol testing industry, and your company in particular, has a genuine interest in continuous self-evaluation and self-improvement.

5. Accreditation shows your colleagues and, in turn, the general public your commitment to your company's success and your ability to perform to set standards.

6. Accreditation sets your company apart as a leader in your field.



7. Accreditation shows your clients that your company and its personnel have the skills and knowledge needed to provide drug and alcohol testing services in their best interest in accordance with all applicable regulations.


Industry Support

8. DATIA accreditation standards provide your company with policies and procedures that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and consumer satisfaction.

9. DATIA standards, established and reviewed by committees of industry professionals, afford you the ability to ensure that your standard operating procedures are compliant with all applicable regulations.

10. DATIA accreditation provides you with a solid network of like-minded industry professionals and resources to assist you in successfully meeting your operational goals.


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