Substance Abuse Professional Course

Cost of Course: $199 members / $299 nonmembers


Course Overview

This online course will provide you—the SAP, potential SAP, or employer/service agent—with comprehensive SAP qualification training meeting the Department of Transportation's (DOT) SAP qualification training requirements. It details the role and responsibilities of the SAP and includes valuable information and study tools on industry standards, best practices, and technical assistance. It also features a variety of case studies providing practical examples of situations you may encounter. Upon completion of this course you will have solid knowledge of the nationally recognized examination requirements and resources, as well as the continuing education requirements and resources.

* For those new to drug and alcohol testing or looking for a primer, DATIA recommends taking the Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Testing online course prior to taking this course. Doing so will provide a primer allowing you to enhance your educational experience during this course.

Course Objective

The objective of the online Substance Abuse Professional Course is to provide you with comprehensive instruction and resource materials in DOT SAP qualification training requirements. Training requirements covered by this course will include details on the role of the SAP in the protection of public safety, specifically under DOT Agency Regulations, and key DOT drug and alcohol testing requirements.

You will get detailed background, rationale and coverage of DOT’s drug and alcohol testing program. You will also learn:

  • SAP qualifications and prohibitions
  • A SAP’s role in the return-to-duty/follow-up process
  • Issues that SAPs confront in carrying out their duties under the DOT drug and alcohol testing program

Participants will also receive instruction on SAP consultation and communication with employers, MROs, and treatment providers, including reporting and recordkeeping requirements. 

Who Should Take This Online Course

This training course is intended for participants who are interested in acquiring training to meet the DOT requirements for performing SAP functions under their CFR 49 Part 40 drug and alcohol testing regulations. This course is a step in the training process to aid participants in meeting the examination requirements. Please note that while anyone can take this course for informational purposesin order to become a qualified SAP, you must be one of the following:

  • A licensed physician (Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy)
  • A licensed or certified social worker
  • A licensed or certified psychologist 
  • A licensed or certified employee assistance professional
  • A state-licensed or certified marriage and family therapist
  • An alcohol and drug abuse counselor certified by the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors Certification Commission (NAADAC), or by the International Certification Reciprocity Consortium/Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (ICRC), or by the National Board of Certified Counselors, Inc. and Affiliates/Master Addictions Counselor (NBCC).


Course Outline

  • SAP Role in Protection of Public Safety
  • 49CFR Part 40 Overview
  • DOT Agency Regulations Overview
  • DOT SAP Guidelines
  • Regulatory Updates
  • Background, Rationale, and Coverage of the DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Program
  • 49CFR Part 40 and DOT Agency Testing Rules
  • Definitions Specific to Each DOT Agency
  • Key DOT Drug Testing Requirements
  • SAP Qualifications and Prohibitions
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the DOT SAP
  • Consultation and Communication
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Typical Issues Commonly Confronted
  • EAPs as SAPs
  • Sample Evaluation Letter Templates
  • Sample Follow-up Testing Schedule Letter
  • Standards and Best Practices
  • Case Studies

Continuing Education Units 

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees receive .75 CEUs (7.5 contact hours) of continuing education credit. Attendees will be provided with a CEU certificate stating the course name, date, sponsoring organization (DATIA) and number of CEUs awarded. These CEUs can be used by attendees for fulfilling continuing education requirements.  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made at least 30 days before the program will receive a full refund; cancellations made at least 14 days before the program will receive a full refund less a $50 administrative fee; and cancellations made less than 14 days before the program are nonrefundable. All refund requests must be submitted in writing.

DATIA reserves the right to cancel any and all courses 30 days prior to the date of the course(s) if five or less people are registered for any DATIA Seminar. DATIA will refund the course fee or offer a credit to attend the course at any date or location offered by DATIA within a year from the cancelled course date. DATIA will not incur any hotel or travel costs of attendees from a cancelled course. For any further questions regarding this policy please contact DATIA at 800-355-1257.