Search for Qualified Mock Collection Monitors

This directory identifies persons qualified to monitor mock collections and who have indicated to DATIA that they offer their monitoring services to collectors outside of their company.  Many also offer their services via webcam, which is allowed per DOT regulations. The following outlines the qualifications required of a person to monitor mock collections. The majority of collectors will find that a person within their organization is already qualified to monitor their mock collections. In addition, any person holding a DATIA CPCT certification is qualified to monitor mock collections. Finally, each year DATIA offers a pre-conference session during its Annual Conference where qualified monitors are available to monitor mock collection.

§40.33 (c) (2) Another person must monitor and evaluate your performance, in person or by a means that provides real-time observation and interaction between the instructor and trainee, and attest in writing that the mock collections are “error-free.” This person must be a qualified collector who has demonstrated necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities by—

    (i) Regularly conducting DOT drug test collections for a period of at least a year;

    (ii) Conducting collector training under this part for a year; or

    (iii) Successfully completing a “train the trainer” course.