Ins and Outs of Drug and Alcohol Testing

Overview of the Training Course

Are you an employer or drug program administrator who is just getting started in this industry? Or perhaps you just want to brush up on the ins and outs of drug testing? Keep yourself moving in the right direction and gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to be successful in the drug testing industry, acquire the experience and background necessary to participate in one of DATIA's advanced courses. DATIA's trainers have a proven track record of running successful enterprises in the drug testing industry. Gain valuable insight into the industry that only DATIA can offer.

* For those new to drug and alcohol testing or looking for a primer, DATIA recommends taking the Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Testing online course prior to taking this course. Doing so will provide a primer allowing you to enhance your educational experience during this course.

Course Objective

With DATIA's Ins and Outs of Drug Testing Course you will become:

  • familiar with the drug testing basics
  • knowledgeable of Drug Testing Authorities
  • acquainted with the "who's who" in drug and alcohol testing procedures

Who Should Attend

DATIA's Ins and Outs of Drug Testing Course is designed for anyone new to the drug testing process. It is also ideal for those people who have been in the industry but need an overall background of the drug and alcohol testing process. Not only will it give you an overview of the drug and alcohol testing industry, but it will also serve as a pre-requisite for DATIA's more advanced courses.

Course Outline

  • Drug Testing Basics
  • History of drug testing
  • Glossary of all terms
  • Flow Charts - Drug Free Workplace & Drug Testing Process
  • Drug Testing - Specimens (hair, urine, oral fluids, on-site testing)
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Drug Testing Authority
  • Who regulates (State vs. Federal)
  • Overview of Federal Regulated Testing
  • Who's Who in Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Define each service agent and their responsibilities, roles and requirements
  • Forms and Resources

Continuing Education Units

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees receive .4 CEUs (4 contact hours) of continuing education credit. Attendees will be provided with a CEU certificate stating the course name, date, sponsoring organization (DATIA) and number of CEUS awarded. These CEUs can be used by attendees for fulfilling continuing education requirements.