iDATIA Accreditation



The goal of DATIA’s iDATIA Accreditation program is to have a set of industry developed international standards for drug and alcohol free workplace programs. There is a demonstrated need for standards in drug and alcohol testing program management, especially for programs operating on international levels. A clear consensus of opinion exists that standards need to be adhered to on issues of how to approach drug and alcohol free workplace programs, how to deal with positive test results, what drugs to test for, how to confirm drug tests, etc.

DATIA’s iDATIA Accreditation program serves to provide a set of criteria that follow proven U.S. standards, while adapting to international policies and procedures. As the international community advances their drug and alcohol testing practices, the iDATIA program will mirror this progress and expand its program accordingly. The iDATIA program, in conjunction with DATIA’s international outreach efforts, will strive to advance the standards of drug and alcohol free workplaces worldwide.

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