HHS Oral Fluid Certification 

Course Objective

The objective of the Oral Fluid Specimen Collection Training program is to provide instruction and resource material to enable collectors and collector trainers to be fully trained in the requirements as set forth by HHS for oral fluid testing. As DOT regulations for the use of oral fluid testing are expected prior to May 2020, the course will also cover the requirements for DOT oral fluid specimen collections and the significant differences between the DOT and HHS procedure. The course will cover instructions to enable collectors to be compliant with guidelines for oral fluid specimen collection and will include instruction using samples of current FDA approved oral fluid collection kits. **Note that FDA approved devices may change, and DOT regulations have not been issued yet. DATIA, however, understands the differences needed between DOT and HHS collection procedures and will teach to both notating the differences between the two. 

Overview of Training Course

This course will provide collection personnel with the training to become proficient in HHS federal and DOT proposed oral fluid specimen collections for drug testing in the workplace. The course is geared towards specimen collectors that have a thorough understanding of urine specimen collections and are looking for a course to cover this new testing technology. If you are looking for training on both urine and oral fluid specimen collections, please register for DATIA's Certified Professional Collector Trainer(R) Course, or for an online course training now on urine specimen collections only please register for DATIA's Online Certified Professional Collector Training(R) Course.  Rest assured that after training, the collections at your facility will be performed accurately and in a professional and consistent manner, maintaining confidentiality for the donor and security, integrity, and control of the specimen.


The diversity of collection sites and employer needs require that a program used to train and certify collection personnel be adaptable to fit the specific requirements of each facility or company and provide consistency and competency throughout the industry. This course provides participants with sufficient resources and teaching tools so that they can develop a program and effectively train their collection personnel for DATIA certification.


DATIA’s Certified Professional Collector Trainer® (CPCT) training program meets and exceeds DOT’s and HHS' Training Requirements for collectors as outlined in 49 CFR Part 40.31, Federal Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Guidelines, and in DOT’s “How Can I Become a Collector for DOT Testing." 

As underlined by DOT, DOT does NOT certify any service agents involved in drug and alcohol testing or approve/authorize specimen collector training providers.  DOT “only require[s] that you meet the qualification and training outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 and maintain the necessary documents to prove your qualifications.”

DATIA, however, goes above and beyond the DOT requirements and offers professional certification - CPC and CPCT.  The certification is voluntary and renewed on an annual basis, and therefore requires more of a collector than the DOT requires.

* For those new to drug and alcohol testing or looking for a primer, DATIA recommends taking the Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Testing online course prior to taking this course. Doing so will provide a primer allowing you to enhance your educational experience during this course.

Continuing Education Units 

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees receive .35 CEUs (3.5 contact hours) of continuing education credit. Attendees will be provided with a CEU certificate stating the course name, date, sponsoring organization (DATIA) and number of CEUs awarded.  These CEUs can be used by attendees for fulfilling continuing education requirements.