Author Guidelines

Mission statement

The goal of DATIA focus is to offer guidance, education, and insight for providers of drug and alcohol testing services to work more efficiently and effectively, as well as to provide employers implementing drug and alcohol testing programs with education on best practices, industry standards, and lessons learned. DATIA Focus will offer readers innovation, solutions, and opportunities for growth.

Our audience

DATIA focus is the quarterly publication of the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association. DATIA’s readership includes industry professionals including collection facilities, laboratories, consortia/third party administrators, medical review officers, substance abuse professionals, hospitals, physician offices, treatment facilities, testing supply distributors and manufacturers, employers, government offices, and members of Congress. Our members provide services to over 1,000,000 employers and perform over 65,000,000 drug tests per year.

Appropriate Article Types  

Departmental articles, unless otherwise noted, should be approximately 600-1500 words in length. Headline articles should be at least 1500-2500 words.

  • Best Practices
    Articles on recommendations for best practices fall into this category. Articles should discuss the best practice, the reason behind implementing the best practice, and steps to take to implement the best practice.
  • Business Sense
    The goal is to provide drug and alcohol testing providers with information on the business side of their companies. General items from computer technology and accounting, to hiring practices, are discussed in this department.
  • Focus on Alcohol Testing
    This department will discuss employer and industry issues with workplace alcohol testing, how to implement the most effective testing programs to determine abuse and impairment, effects of off-site alcohol abuse on the workplace, etc.
  • International Drug Testing
    This section will focus on trends and issues facing international drug testing programs with both companies based overseas and within the United States.
  • Marketing Buzz
    Are there marketing techniques that you'd like to share with others related to social media, customer services, email marketing, etc.? Here is your space! Share your expertise with our readers.
  • Name That Drug
    Drugs, both illegal and legal, are a major national and international issue. Can you recognize the drug being discussed without knowing its name? That’s what this section is all about. See if you can solve the mystery.

  • Marijuana Law Updates
    In this section, authors will update readers on the latest developments in marijuana legislation including legalization and how it affects the public and the workforce.
  • Trends in Drug Use
    In this section, articles will discuss the latest studies and/or findings on illicit and legal drugs. In addition, general anecdotal articles on trends in drug use, drug testing practices, etc. are discussed.


Industry Announcements

Did you recently win an award? Have you completed a milestone in your career and/or life? Did someone on your staff recently retire? We want to hear about it!

If you or someone you know has a recent accomplishment to share with your peers, e-mail Krystle at [email protected] and you could be featured in DATIA's Industry Announcements section!


Submission Process

Please email all articles to Krystle at [email protected] 

Upon receipt of your article, you will be contacted within 14 days to discuss its appropriateness. You will be provided with information as to whether your article is accepted as is or if any adjustments need to be made. Any articles not received by the deadline will not in the assigned addition, and will be reviewed again for future issues. In addition, all selected authors are required to complete and submit a signed Copyright Agreement.

DATIA focus reserves the right to edit all submissions, however, we will work closely with authors and strive to produce a final article that satisfies both the author and the editorial team.

General Author Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines for the best chance of your article being accepted for submission.

  • Submit innovative and value-driven informationDATIA focus readers are not new to the industry. They are looking for solutions to complex issues, not the basics. Provide them with information they can learn from.
  • Reach the full industry. The drug and alcohol testing industry includes many professionals. The further the reach of your article the better.
  • Be comprehensive. Give readers enough information to understand the issue or topic, form their own opinions, and take advantage of your recommendations. Don’t leave readers questioning what you meant.
  • Focus the topic. You should be able to make a case for your article in a few sentences, and have one to three clearly definable goals for the article. More than that and you may lose the audience or leave them confused as to the article’s purpose.
  • Provide documentation. Where applicable provide charts, graphs, and visuals showing the points of your article. Many times text may be too much to absorb, but graphics really bring home your point.
  • Be able to back up your points. Provide quality sources for your facts, provide as many sources as possible, and create valid credibility for your article. While antidotal information is great, numbers really hit home.
  • Involve credible sources. Where applicable, get other industry experts to back your thoughts and/or conclusions. The more people who agree with you, the better.
  • Avoid commercialismDATIA focus is a primarily educational publication and does not endorse or promote any product or service on behalf of the association.  Articles discussing products or services must be objective. Articles should discuss types or products or services not by manufacturer or provider name. House articles are an exception to this rule. Please note, the use of the first person isn’t necessarily indicative of commercialism.
  • Write clearly. For example, be sure to define any acronyms or terms used that are not universally known, engage the reader in the article through the use of simple language as the readers of DATIA focus are not scientists, use the active voice, provide information on sources used for the article.

Article Submission Formats

Articles should be submitted electronically in MS Word format or in another word processing format that can be converted to Word. When submitting your article, please also include a short biography (2-5 lines). Your biography should include your title, organization name, organization location, and information supporting your experience in the article’s topic. If your article includes a sidebar, this information should be sent along with the article itself. 

Any graphics to be included with articles should be submitted in JPEG or PNG format in at least 300 DPI.

Author Compensation

DATIA focus does not offer compensation to authors due to the promotion that authors receive in the magazine. In the rare case that DATIA commissions professional freelance authors, fees will be negotiated in advance.

Contacting DATIA Focus

All potential article inquiries, article outlines, and full article submissions should be sent to [email protected] We can also be contacted by calling 800-355-1257.


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