Developing an Effective Supervisor Training Program Course

Overview of the Course

Here is your opportunity to equip your workplace with the knowledge and resources needed to implement and uphold your drug free workplace policy. There are many benefits to supervisor training; it will not only serve as a deterrent to possible drug use in the workplace, but also enhances safety and ensures regulatory compliance.

This course is designed for both employers and service agents to learn how to train in the detection of drug abuse. Companies that take this course will be able to provide clients with the full service, knowledge and materials for supervisor training. An added advantage to your company that will be sure to impress your clientele!

* For those new to drug and alcohol testing or looking for a primer, DATIA recommends taking the Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Testing online course prior to taking this course. Doing so will provide a primer allowing you to enhance your educational experience during this course.

Course Objective

We have created a course especially designed to help service providers and employers provide effective and comprehensive supervisor training. This training will give supervisors the knowledge to recognize signs and symptoms of substance abuse and make reasonable suspicion determinations; saving the company time and money. Supervisor positions allow the individuals the opportunity to work closest to the workforce, naturally lending itself to keen observation of the workplace. Therefore, supervisors are a company’s best chance of catching and rectifying problems quickly and effectively. DATIA’s Developing an Effective Supervisor Training Program will give supervisors the tools needed to recognize, document, and confront problem employees in order to ensure safety. Course attendees will not only be able to recognize problems, but also train others on the signs and symptoms to watch for. Participants will be trained on DOT rules and resources in locating state laws. In this half day seminar you will gain knowledge not only for yourself, but will learn how to train others as well.

Developing an Effective Supervisor Training Program

Effective Training

Training Aids And Resources

Who Weighs In On Supervisor Training

Foundations of Supervisor Training

Five "Must Knows" For Supervisors

Training Step 1 - Recognize The Signs & Symptoms

Training Step 2 - Document in Writing What Has Been Recognized

Training Step 3 - Confront What Has Been Documented

Training Step 4 - Ensure Safety

Testing Requirements

Wrapping Up The Training

Continuing Education Units

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees receive .4 CEUs (4 contact hours) of continuing education credit. Attendees will be provided with a CEU certificate stating the course name, date, sponsoring organization (DATIA) and number of CEUS awarded. These CEUs can be used by attendees for fulfilling continuing education requirements.