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DATIA premiered DATIA focus magazine during the DATIA Annual Conference and Exposition in April 2008. This E-magazine features in-depth articles on issues of importance to the industry. We hope you will be interested in providing your expertise and insight to readers of DATIA focus. The goal of DATIA focus is to offer guidance, education, and insight for providers of drug and alcohol testing services to work more efficiently and effectively, as well as to provide employers implementing drug and alcohol testing programs with education on best practices, industry standards, and lessons learned. DATIA focus offers readers innovation, solutions, and opportunities for growth. Submit your proposed article to Krystle at [email protected]. Before submitting information on you proposed article, please be sure to read the Author Guidelines.

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DATIA focus magazine will provide up-to-date resources and information for the drug and alcohol testing industry. The content will focus on leading innovations, research and industry trends. Articles on case studies and best practices will be highlighted, as well as a Washington report with important information on key legislative and regulatory issues. Feature stories will go in-depth to discuss drug performance and international developments, in addition to improvements and advancements in testing. DATIA focus will provide for all readers a wealth of knowledge in an engaging format. Advertise with DATIA and your message will reach the appropriate consumers. Our members are highly educated and are the largest targeted audience of influential drug and alcohol testing professionals in the field. E-mail us at [email protected] to place your ad.