DATIA Collection Site Compliance Kit

As an industry we can all agree that good solid training is the cornerstone of providing quality collections. With such a wide range of collection sites and diversity in employer needs, consistency and competency are key to the viability of this industry.

DATIA has created the Collection Site Compliance Kit, a unique package of posters, forms, quick reference materials and even important contact information to provide you with resources and tools to help maintain your program and effectively foster training for your collection personnel.

This kit includes:

Collection Site Posters

  • Correctable Collection Flaws
  • Fatal Collection Flaws
  • Refusals
  • DOT’s Direct Observation Procedures
  • Sample Collector’s Checklist
  • Sample Donor Instructions

Collector Training

  • Collector training requirements per DOT (40.33) & per HHS (Subpart D)
  • Collector Training Records
  • Mock Collection Checklist
  • Error Correction Training Form

Procedural Forms

  • CCF Sample
  • Monitored Collection Forms
  • Sample Collector Checklist
  • Shy Bladder Log
  • Sample Memorandum for Record
  • Summary of Differences Between HHS & DOT
  • DOT Contact Information Sheet

This invaluable kit is readily available for the low price of $198. Let us help keep your company knowledgeable and compliant.


Purchase your DATIA Collection Site Compliance Kit here.


Refund/Credit Policy: Collection Site Kits are non-returnable/non-refundable.