Agenda Preview

Our final agenda will be released soon! In the meantime, here is a preview of the agenda so far.


Keynote Speaker- Kristen Polin, notMYkid


The Legalization of Hemp and its Impact on Testing

presented by Judge Mary Celeste


Working Under the Influence presented by Ruth Bowdish


Cannabis: What in the Hemp is Going On? presented by Faye Caldwell


A Day in the Life of a Collector

presented by Amanda Claver and Danette Krumel


FMCSA Clearinghouse/Drug & Alcohol Regulations

presented by Gian Marshall


The Future is Here presented by Nina French


Best Practices for Non-Mandated Drug Testing Programs

presented by Penny Horton


CBD and 8-THC Impact on Drug Testing presented by David Kuntz


Oral Fluid and Alcohol Testing presented by Jackie Pirone


Impact of Marijuana Legalization presented by Sumandeep Rana


Cognitive Impairment Testing: From Spaceships to the Modern Workplace presented by Jeff Sease


Meeting SAMSHA Guidelines presented by Mark Villaria