Course Overview

Want a comprehensive primer on how to properly manage a Consortium or Third Party Administrator (C/TPA) service? This course delivers just that! It is designed to present relevant information effectively in an online course format. Notwithstanding that there are innumerable ways to operate individual businesses, there are certain common operating standards and methods for managing a C/TPA that are universal and will be successfully presented in this format.

* For those new to drug and alcohol testing or looking for a primer, DATIA recommends taking the Ins & Outs of Drug & Alcohol Testing online course prior to taking this course. Doing so will provide a primer allowing you to enhance your educational experience during this course.

Course Objective

During this course, you will lean industry standards, best practices, relevant rules, regulations, and guidelines for C/TPA management. While our objective is not to see all C/TPA managers run their operations in exactly the same manner, many key elements should be included in every program. You will find once you complete this course, that these standards will be clearly enumerated. Operating a C/TPA also involves all of the complexities of operating any other type of business. As such, many standard business practices and legalities will be covered.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Drug- and Alcohol-Testing Program Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Drug- and Alcohol-Testing Program Manager
  • Developing Standardized Operating Procedures for Compliance
  • Creating an Effective and Binding Client Contract
  • Evaluating Hidden Pitfalls
  • Developing Company Policies for Clients
  • Maintaining the Integrity of the Testing Process
  • Distinguishing between Mandated and Non-Mandated Testing Programs
  • Reporting Test Results
  • Providing Employee Training and Education
  • Implementing a Follow-up Testing Program for Positive Tests
  • Conquering Paperwork and Filing Requirements
  • Overseeing C/TPA Vendors
  • Ensuring Client Cooperation with C/TPA
  • C/TPA Reporting and Accountability to DOT
  • Maintaining a Positive Working Relationship with DOT and Other Regulatory Agencies
  • Assessing the Role of Technology in C/TPA Practice
  • C/TPA Responsibilities vs. Employer Responsibilities
  • Managing Business and Organizational Issues

Continuing Education Units

Upon successful completion of the course, attendees receive .75 CEUs (7.5 contact hours) of continuing education credit. Attendees will be provided with a CEU certificate stating the course name, date, sponsoring organization (DATIA) and number of CEUS awarded. These CEUs can be used by attendees for fulfilling continuing education requirements.

Cancellation Policy

Once the course has been registered for and login information provided, there are no refunds. In addition, login information cannot be transferred to another person.


Cost of Course: $199 members / $299 nonmembers

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